lifetime returns


In addition to the normal statutory requirements that  enables you to return any item within 30 days for a full refund aware has a Lifetime reuse/repair/repurpose philosophy.


The lifetime returns policy means that, if you wish, you can at any stage in the future sell your awear garment via awear. You will receive the proceeds (in the form of credit) for the sale minus our costs. Alternatively, if you become bored with your jacket and want to have it rejuvenated again, we will do this for you at cost. If instead you prefer cash, we will give you 50% of the net sale proceeds after our costs. awear costs are for post, packaging and admin at £5 per item. If the item is posted directly to the next customer by yourself there will be no charge for post and packaging.


We hope that some of our garments will become more valuable over time, raising the prospect of receiving more for a garment than you paid initially. This will help us achieve our ambition of creating a no-waste society in a circular economy.