help you

We can help you in all sorts of ways:


You can become a rejuvenator to earn income for yourself and/or for a good cause.


Even better you can create a sewing bee that creates employment for several people. That might include people who can't sew but are good with administration and uploading images to the awear website etc. If you would like to do this, please get in touch. If possible attach a photograph of some of your needlework and send it to


We can help you raise your self-esteem by becoming a rejuvenator, finding an outlet for your creativity.


We can also help you raise your self-esteem by wearing our clothes. You will find, as if by magic, they transform both you and the people around you who will look up to you. You will find yourself engaging in more conversations and your life will get better.


We can help your favourite charity. We do not give to charities as a straightforward donation but we are delighted to work with charities, creating sewing bees. This gives value to meaningful work and helps to raise the funds to create good things such as schools or water pumps.


Also we are delighted to work with sewing bees dedicated to raising money for charity or good causes of your choice. Some of our rejuvenators arrange for some of their earnings to go to a charity of their choice.