help us


You can help us in all sorts of ways:


You can make suggestions by posting on the social media or e-mailing us at


You can send us your good quality jackets shirts and trousers to:


7 Towngate




You can also start a collection box in your organization. We will arrange to collect the clothes. Just email us for guidance and to arrange collection.



You can tell your friends about us. We can post our photos of the outfits, including your own aweared clothes, on your social media outlets and generally help you to spread the word.


When you wear awear and tell people about us.


You can make a donation


You can either do this electronically or send cheques made payable to to the address above.


You can help establish a sewing bee in your community or elsewhere (see “creating a sewing bee”)


You can buy gift tokens for your friends and loved ones. The gift cards make a fantastic gift because they are three great things in one:


1. A unique gift that will bring the receiver great pleasure.


2. A gift to help people in poverty and the planet


3. An entertaining and creative project for the receiver by designing their own outfit.