about us

awear is the brainchild of Ashley Dobbs, the multi-award-winning underwater photographer, eco-developer and visionary. Ashley was really bored with men's clothing and didn't feel they reflected his individuality, so he created some jackets in the awear style. People kept coming up to him to ask where they could get such an outfit.  He found that people were much more open with him than usual and he had a lot more fun conversations. This persuaded Ashley to create the new awear brand. Ashley hopes to grow awear. Starting from being a cottage industry, Ashley is planning for awear to become a worldwide community. His aim is to encourage us to move to a non-waste society, creating meaningful and inspiring employment for people who need it, along the way. His team includes an eco-philanthropist, businessman and economist James Skinner.












James is a Trustee Emeritus of the New Economics Foundation, an early supporter of the organic movement and a long-time trustee of the Organic Research Centre.  A pioneer of Ultra Light Rail, James has also helped in the start-up of Fairfax and Favor, the creators of the famous high-quality Spanish leather boots.

Awear is a social enterprise that is both a business and an organisation that seeks to do good for people and the planet. The principal owners are all philanthropists, who are committed to using part of any surplus created from awear to further good causes, such as inHarmony creating the world's first food, energy and wildlife positve communities, the Green Cities Foundation, which seeks to create cities that are harmless to the planet, and the New Economics Foundation that promotes economic models that help both the economy and the environment.

awear is first and foremost a community. We warmly invite you to join it and post your suggestions on our social media links, including posts on our Facebook page.