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reasons to be awear


Help both people and the planet. 25% of the worlds insecticide is used in growing cotton. It takes 10,000 litres of water to grow the cotton for a single pair of jeans. These are just two of the things you avoid when you choose an awear garment. Good for bees too!
Have more fun conversations. People will talk to you more when you wear awear - it's a great conversation starter. Studies by Harvard University show that the more conversations you have the more successful you will be in business and in life.
Improve your mood when you wear the bright colours of awear. They will make you feel happier and the people around you.
Save money. You need never throw awear clothes away.  Awear, with its lifetime return policy, will allow you to return the clothes for further rejuvenation or resell to somebody else.
Help charities. Most of the materials are sourced from charity shops
Create meaningful, well-paid, creative employment in communities that need it. awear creates work for the people that need it and those that want to help good causes.
Help communities communicate. awear encourages the rejuvenators to work in sewing bees that bring communities together and are fun to take part in.
Promote financial independence of hard-up communities. By creating well-paid work awear helps communities out of poverty into prosperity.
Raise the self-esteem of both the wearer and the rejuvenator. awear uniquely gives power to people at the coal-face to develop the brand and create their own designs. Every awear product carries a unique number enabling the wearer to contact the rejuvenator. The rejuvenators are not just cogs in a machine, they are all part of the creative awear community. Imagine the feeling of fulfillment when a rejuvenator reads a blog from a customer saying how much he enjoyed wearing the jacket and the effect it had on his colleagues at the office. It will raise the wearer's self-esteem because the garment will communicate that you are an interesting and self-confident person. You will soon find people look up to you when you wear awear. The effect is truly astonishing.

Inspire creativity. awear clothes banish blinkered mindsets and enable people to think more openly. In today's society the successful people will be the creative ones who find new ways of doing things.
Make you happy. Wearing awear makes you feel happy because you are expressing your true self. Every creature on earth has a different pattern. It is very important to the human psyche that we wear something unique.
You will never see anybody wearing the same outfit. Every awear outfit is unique.
Reduce transport miles. awear aims to have your clothes rejuvenated as close to you as possible, to save them from being shipped round the world. The carbon footprint of your clothes is therefore miniscule.
By wearing aware you are helping to bring about a retail revolution that ultimately will help create the waste-free society that our species needs in order to survive.